Trakom is an all natural proprietary blend of some kick-ass herbs and extracts.  This is an all new product and is currently legal in all fifty states.  I will say this about Trakom.  Once you try it out you will want to stock up on it.

Ingredient List

 Incarvillea sinensis - A Chinese herb that shows great promise as an alternative to opioids for pain.  Incarvillea sinensis acts on the same receptors as many of the best-known pain medications. Incarvillea sinensis may also be helpful because of its' known relaxing ability.  People have used it that suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or are just plain restless.

Lotus Extract

More commonly called Blue Lotus Extract is known as a mood elevator.  It is also known for sexual arousal. It has also been used for its slight euphoric trace.  It is really a great addition the Trakom formula.

Panax Ginseng

This Trakom formula uses  on the most potent Panax Ginseng.  Some people take Panax Ginseng to help with concentration, memory, athletic endurance, quality of life, nerve pain, sexual arousal in women and sexual dysfunction in men.  There is so much more that could be said about Panax Ginseng but we will just say that Panax Ginseng is truly a great addition to the Trakom formula. 

When you put this altogether, what you have is a really good product.  Trakom will surely go down in history as one of the top products ever!!!  Just give it a chance. 

Trakom Wholesale-12 Bottles

12 Bottles-$15 Each


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