Ętre Dieu  The grand opera dreamed by Dali

Salvador Dali is the only painter who also wrote a libretto for an opera-poem called “Ętre Dieu” (“To Be God”), a reflection of his personality. Dali began to write the libretto for this opera in the year 1927 together with Federico Garcia Lorca one afternoon in the Café Regina Victoria, Madrid.

Birth, death, re-incarnation, Salvador Dali's musical magnum opus “Ętre Dieu” is an Operatic Poem in Six Parts that revolves around these life-long passions. This work presents Dali's interpretation of the story of creation.

In 1974, Dali made a record of the opera in Paris. But he refused to follow Spanish writer Manuel Vazquez Montalban's text word-for-word, declaring, “Dali never repeats himself.” Instead, he improvised.

Ultimately, Etre Dieu was produced as an audio-visual opera-poem in six parts, in 1985. The work features Dali as God and Brigitte Bardot as an artichoke. Also, Catherine the Great and Marilyn Monroe do a striptease.

This is an exceptional and rare item from a Limited Edition 361/500 published in 1985 Opera-Poem in 6 parts.
Concept by Salvador Dali, Music by the French avant-garde musician Igor Wakhevitch. The opera is printed in four languages...French, Spainish, Catalan and English.

The entire set is numbered including the LP's.  The LP's have never been played.  The book and covers are in mint condition.  There are a few minor surface scratches on the outside acrylic case due to handling but everything else is in mint conditon.

1 Blue Silk Portfolio containing a Famous Lithograph of Marilyn Monroe as Mao Tse Tung.
1 Blue Silk Bound Book of Poems and Libretto to the Opera by Salvador Dali and Spanish writer Manuel Vazquez Montalban.
1 Blue Silk Portfolio containing 3 LPs, each with a different slip with a print of Marilyn Monroe as Mao Tse Tung.

We are including on this web site, photographs taken directly from the book.

We are asking $4800 for this rare limited edition set.