Matrix Kava

Kava has been around since it was discovered by Captain James Cook.  It is a super relaxer and has been used as a replacement for tranquilizers and other prescription medicines for tension and relaxation.  Kava can be found in most health food stores and at pretty high prices.  Matrix Kava  again stands on the edge on a Kava Rush with itís Fantastic packaging and name appeal.  Matrix Kava is another Matrix product created for impulse buyers in C stores as well as Smoke Shops.  Matrix Kava offers itsí usual generous discounts to stores.  Matrix Kava has a MSRP of $10.00 and a wholesale price of $5.00.  It is supplied in displays of 20 packages.  Each package contains 20 capsules.
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    Matrix Kava 20 Cap Display

    20 Caps Per Package - 20 Packages per display. MSRP 9.00 Wholesale $4.50    Display $90