There are many ways to use essential oils.  This web page is in no way designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  There are traditional uses reported here that can be found in any book or on any essential oil website some uses refer all the way back to biblical times.  We suggest to grow your knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils to study on line or purchase a book.  Our personal favorite is "The Aromatherapy Book" by Jeanne Rose.  And statements from her book may be found within these web pages.  Enjoy your journey into the wonderful world or Aromatherapy.  In keeping with our committment to quality and value Netshops USA will only carry Aura Cacia essential oils as we have for our 18+ years in business


Aura Caccia was founded in 1982 in Weacerville, CA.  The founders realized the power of essential oils and began spreading the work about aromatherapy.  The more people learned, the more they demanded essential oils and other natural aromatherapy products.  A process  that still continues today.  Aura Cacia continues as the quality leader in aromatherapy today via their Source to Shelf  strategy.  Their ethical and sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, and their in-house sophisticated testing capabilities, allow them to guarantee the quality of their essential oils.  In the face of increasing adulteration and quality exaggeration in the marketplace, this is peace of mind for all their loyal customers. Click on any product below to see description, price and secure ordering.