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Blue Lotus Extract Wholesale   

Don't miss out on this potential landslide of business.  Blue Lotus has been around since the Egyptians.  The popularity of this most sacred flower has seen it's ebb and flow many times.  We are poised to see a great resurgence in this herb.  Matrix Botanicals has packaged and priced Blue Lotus to make it a powerful impulse purchase.  The first thing that one will notice is the Matrix Brand.  Since Matrix is known to millions of people across the country as a brand that stands for quality and value, people will reach for a Matrix Brand product first.

Blue Lotus is quickly becoming a popular item which is legal to sell without restrictions in all states except Louisiana.  There are restrictions in Louisiana that limit the ways to sell it.  Stores from Louisiana are welcome to call us for information on restrictions. 

I would advise all stores to get in a least one display of 20 capsules and place the product where it can be prominently seen by your customers.  You will soon see for yourself how fast this will fly out the door.  This product age restricted to 18+.

There is a ton of information about Blue Lotus and the effects on the internet.  Basically, they talk about euphoria, heightened awareness, tranquility and as an aphrodisiac.  It was used so induce an ecstatic state, stimulation and/or hallucinations. Historically it has been used as a sleep aid and stress reducer.  Blue Lotus was the active ingredient in the Relax Max Relaxation Bars.

Be first in your area to stock this product.  The early bird gets the worm on in this case loyal customers who will return to your store.

Matrix has maintained it's generous margins to retailers.  The MSRP for a package of 20 caps is $10.00 and the wholesale is $5.00.  It is packaged in a display of 20 packages. Get a display into your store or test store.  This product is a winner!


  • MTXbluelotusdisplay200
    Price: $90.00

    Matrix Blue Lotus 20 Cap Display

    20 Caps Per Package - 20 Packages per display. MSRP 90.00 Wholesale $4.50    Display $100