Allergies, as we have said before, are a nuisance for which much help can be attained by using Resp-J. For those in need of help with mucus, sinus, congestion, painful breathing and bronchitis, it’s Resp-J to the rescue! Resp-J works by helping open up the lung capillaries which help release thick mucus, gradually thinning it so the discomfort of asthma can be reduced. Resp-J also aides the body in fighting pneumonia, fevers, colds and flu. It is recommended to take a good buffered Vitamin C in larger than usual amounts for the difficult concerns. Resp-J is very effective in helping to relieve snoring when taken at bedtime; three will usually work.  Golden Seal and Echinacea are also very helpful. We recommend omitting all mucus forming foods, such as cows’ milk, cheese, ice cream etc. Cut back or discontinue eating red meats and eat more raw vegetables that are alkaline (see the acid/alkaline chart in your member kit). Try these things along with Resp-J and breathe and feel better.  Ingredients: Proprietary Blend, Pluerisy Root, Mullein, Yerba Santa, Plantain, Horehound, Licorice Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Scullcap and Capsicum.100 caps.

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